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Experience Learning Course Designations

To identify and promote experiential learning opportunities for our students, and as an additional way to better support our faculty who teach these courses, the University of Tennessee developed a course designation system for academic courses that include service-learning, undergraduate research, and internships. Out of the 12 types of experiential learning offered at the University of Tennessee, these three types were chosen because they are offered in every undergraduate-serving college at our University.  

Faculty can apply for approval to have their course identified with one of the three designations by meeting the criteria defined by each designation’s application rubric. Once approved, these formal course designations appear on students’ academic transcripts.  

Use the links below to learn more about each designation and locate the application and rubric. 

Why Apply for a Designation? 

Benefits for Students 

  • Increases equitable access to important pre-professional, high-impact experiences by making courses that provide them easily identifiable 
  • Improves students’ ability to both show (through their academic transcript) and articulate the additional value of their academic experiences to graduate schools and potential employers 
  • Increases the knowledge and ability of our students to prepare for these types of courses (registration vs. the 1st day of classes).  

Benefits to Faculty and Administration 

  • Helps academic departments and programs strengthen their goals such as retention, engagement, and persistence towards graduation through an institutionally supported system 
  • Supports faculty and administration to maintain consistency of best practices associated with these types of opportunities 
  • Creates a clear institutional pathway for colleges and departments to develop, assess, and evaluate these types of courses in their curriculum 
  • Offers the capability to easily track the number of students participating in these types of experiences through the University Registrar’s Office 

The Undergraduate Council
For more information regarding the academic policies that pertain to the nature of these courses, please visit the University of Tennessee’s Undergraduate Council’s webpage for more information. 

Current Course Listings
To see which designated courses are currently being offered, visit our Find An Opportunity webpage for a full listing of designated courses.