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Anthony Parrott on a ladder in the McClung Museum

Anthony Parrott—Learning Is Delving Deeper

From building pedestals to helping plan exhibit layouts to replacing light bulbs, no two days are alike at Anthony Parrott’s internship at the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture.

Parrott first learned about the museum’s internship opportunities last year, when his Greek art history class came to the McClung to do research with pottery shards in its collections. As a student who is determined to use his art degree after he graduates in the spring, he recognized it as a great opportunity to use the skills he’s honed in the studio.

“As a sculpture major, I’ve been around the wood saw, the band saw, welding equipment—I’m used to everything,” Parrott says. “One of the specifications for this position was you needed to be able to use the tools but you also needed to think creatively, which when studying art is a sort of a requirement.”

He’s looking forward to continuing his internship next semester and helping install the McClung Museum’s next exhibit in January, and he hopes to continue working with museums after he graduates.

“It doesn’t feel like work; it’s really fun,” Parrott says. “It feels good to be using my degree right now.”