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Campus Partners

It may be helpful to explore the websites of the following offices for more information related to specific risk management questions that you may have.

  • UT Office of Risk Management
    • Please visit UT Office of Risk Management online for more information about workers’ compensation, automobile or property claims, third-party claims, insurance acquisition, certificates of insurance, and more.
  • University of Tennessee Police Department
    • Please visit UTPD online for more information about the important services and information that UTPD provides to the UT-Knoxville campus.
  • Office of Emergency Management
    • Please visit Office of Emergency Management online to learn more about campus-level planning, training, and emergency management program coordination and implementation at UT-Knoxville.
  • Office of Equity & Diversity
    • Please visit Office of Equity and Diversity online for more information about how UT-Knoxville fulfills legal mandates related to civil rights, equal employment, and affirmative action.
  • Office of General Counsel
    • Please visit Office of General Counsel online for more information about the role and scope of the Office of General Counsel, and to learn more about liability and copyright information.  
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • UTK Student Counseling Center
    • Please visit UTK Student Counseling Center online for more information about personal counseling, psychotherapy, and mental health outreach and consultation for UT-Knoxville students.
  • UTK Student Health Center
  • UTK Student Disability Services
    • Please visit UTK Student Disability Services online for more information about creating equitable access to eligible students while promoting disability-inclusive diversity at UT-Knoxville.