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Fab Lab student at work

Find an Experience Learning Opportunity

From the first semester of your freshman year through your graduate studies, it’s never too early or late to get involved in experiential learning.


A great way to start is to speak with your advisor about how to make the most of your time at UT. Ask your advisor to guide you toward courses that offer experiential learning opportunities such as fieldwork, labs, service-learning, undergraduate research, and volunteering.


Research takes place across all majors. Early in the semester, talk to your instructors about undergraduate positions they may have available within their research groups.


Talk to other students about groups or organizations they work with. You might find an unexpected opportunity to get involved!

Undergraduate Catalog

When selecting classes, look for courses with an S immediately following the course number to indicate a service-learning course or an R to indicate an undergraduate research course (example: ARCH 370S). Also keep an eye out for courses with “community service” or “service-learning” in the title.

S-designated Courses

  • ARCH 370S: Research and Design
  • ARCH 371S: Design as Applied Research
  • ARCH 496S: Advance Architectural Design – Collaborative Engagement
  • IARC 372S: Design Development and Construction
  • GEOG/GEOL 206S: Sustainability Reducing our Impact on Planet Earth
  • GEOL 202S: Earth as Ecosystem: Modern Problems and Solutions
  • SPAN 494S: Spanish Community Service Practicum
  • SPAN 495S: Understanding Culture Through Service in a Hispanic Country
  • PHIL 255S: Sustainability Ethics
  • PHIL 256S: Social Justice
  • REST 486S: Dig Jordan Field School
  • BAS 370S: Advertising Management and Optimization Strategies
  • ENT 410S: Leadership in Nonprofits and Social Entrepreneurship
  • FWF 325S: Wildlife Vegetation and Habitat
  • PBRL 470S: Public Relations Campaigns
  • EDUC 100S: Special Topics
  • CE 399S: Senior Design Project 1

R-designated Courses

  • EPP 499R: Undergraduate Research
  • FWF 422R: Rare Species Biology, Conservation and Management
  • ARCH 465R: Directed Research
  • ARCH 478R: Preparation for Self-Directed Diploma Studio
  • ARCH 498R: Self-Directed Diploma Studio
  • ANTH 430R: Archaeological Field School at Coan Hall
  • ARTD 444R: Graphic Design Research
  • ARTD 452R: Graphic Design Capstone
  • BCMB 452R: Independent Research in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • MICR 401R: Undergraduate Research in Microbiology
  • MICR 402R: Advanced Undergraduate Research in Microbiology
  • REST 486R: Dig Jordan Field School
  • ADV340R: Advertising Research
  • PBRL340R: Public Relations Research Methods
  • NURS 388R: Nursing Honors Mentorship
  • NURS 471R: Nursing Research
  • NURS 477R: Honors: Nursing Research
  • NURS 488R: Nursing Honors Capstone
  • SOWK 417R: Honors Social Work Research
  • SOWK 467R: Honors Integrative Seminar
  • BAS 494R: Quantitative Research in Business Analytics

N-designated Courses

  • PSYC 396N Internship in Psychology
  • BUAD 492 Off-Campus Study
  • ENT 492N Entrepreneurship Internship
  • HRM 492N Internship and Career Development
  • IB 492 Off-Campus Study
  • MGT 492N Internship and Career Development
  • EF 333 Co-op/Intern Experience in Engineering

Re-designed Courses

The 25 faculty members of the inaugural group of Experience Learning Faculty Fellows received grants to redesign courses to fit the requirements of Experience Learning. These courses are listed below.

EL Faculty Fellow Course Title
Cindy Raines Marketing 466: Integrated Marketing Communications
Nicholas Geidner JEM 515: Advanced Reporting Across the Media
Sarah Harper PHIL 256: Experiential Learning in Social Justice
Charles Kwit FWF 325: Wildlife Vegetation and Habitat
Terrica Durbin N525: Basic Principles of Nurse Anestesia II
Lisa Parker SPAN 346: Language and Culture of the Hispanic Business World
Carolyn Staples French 211/212: Intermediate French & ARTD 444: Graphic Design Research
Jackie Jacobs MGT 562: Data-Driven Decision Making
Cindy Welch INSC 573: Programming for Children & Young Adults
Karen Boyd ELPS Leadership Studies Minor
Courtney Faber Practicum in Engineering Education

EL Faculty Fellow Course Title
Jeff Davis ASL 435: Linguistic Analysis of Signed and Spoken Languages
Robin Nicks English 255: Public Writing
Michael McKinney GEOL 202: Earth as an Ecosystem
Ryan Windeknecht PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosophy
Margaret Keneman French 218: Honors Intermediate French II
Kelli MacCartey English 255: Public Writing
Yolanda Kirkpatrick MEDU/SCED 434: Project Based Instruction
Carrie Stephens ALEC 493/593: Independent Study/Special Topics: Developing Global Leaders Down Under
Melissa Hinten GEOG/GEOL 206: Sustainability – Reducing Our Impact on Planet Earth
Matthew Pamental PHIL 255: Sustainability Ethics
William (Gray) Dean GEOL 101: Physical Geology
Robin Barrow-Nichols English 298: Chancellor’s Honors Writing II
Samantha Murphy English 298: Chancellor’s Honors Writing II
Kristina McCue English 298: Chancellor’s Honors Writing II

EL Faculty Fellow Course Title
Carrie Stephens ALEC 493/593: Independent Study/Special Topics: Developing Global Leaders Down Under

Additional Resources

Want to explore more Experience Learning opportunities? The following campus units are staffed with experts who can also help.

Center for Career Development

Schedule an appointment or visit during walk-in hours.

Student Union, Level 2

  • Get on track with major and career exploration
  • Learn about Vol Treks, internships, and part-time jobs

Check out the Career Profile, in which you can:

  • Explore majors and career paths under consideration by searching job titles and salaries of recent UT graduates
  • Report your internship or study abroad experience
  • Report your next step after graduation (job, graduate school, military, entrepreneurial pursuits or whatever yours plans are)

Center for Leadership & Service

Walk-ins welcome.

Dunford Hall, Room 2238

  • Find community involvement activities
  • Expand your leadership skills

Office of Undergraduate Research

By appointment only—email

Blount Hall, Room 407

  • For all majors—uncover deeper meaning in your academics
  • Acquire specific skill sets needed to compete in various career fields and graduate school

Programs Abroad Office

Every weekday during the academic year, peer advisors host general information sessions at 2 p.m. in Programs Abroad’s resource room.

Melrose Hall, 1620 Melrose Avenue

  • Prepare yourself to compete in today’s globalizing world
  • Study, intern, and engage in service-learning abroad

Living & Learning Communities

If you have LLC questions, email University Housing at

405 Student Services Building

  • Live and study in residential neighborhoods with students who share your academic and professional interests
  • Connect with faculty, develop your leadership capacity, and discover opportunities for service and undergraduate research

First-Year Studies

If you have questions about FYS programs or courses, email

Greve Hall, Room 217

  • Ensure your transition to UT goes smoothly with tailor-made courses for new students
  • After your first year, become a peer mentors and assist faculty and staff instructors in a section of FYS 101

Office of National Scholarships & Fellowships

By appointment only—email

Greve Hall, Room 316–17

  • Get assistance with finding and applying for nationally competitive funding opportunities
  • Attend ONSF information sessions and workshops throughout the academic year

Student Success Center

Visit the center’s website for academic coaching and tutoring hours and to schedule an appointment.

Greve Hall, Room 324

  • Find tutors, academic coaches, and support programs
  • Discover tips and resources tailored to each academic year on the center’s website

Undergraduate Academic Advising

By appointment only. Find your advisor.

Greve Hall, Room 218

  • Explore your values, goals, and career plans
  • Co-create an educational plan to stay on track to graduate and prepare for your future