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2017 Summer Institute

Twenty-five faculty members have been chosen as the first group of Experience Learning Faculty Fellows and will participate in the 2017 Experience Learning Summer Institute from the week of May 22 to the week of June 12. They will receive grants to redesign courses to fit the requirements of Experience Learning.

Institute Planning Team

  • Experience Learning
  • Teaching and Learning Center
  • Office of Service-Learning
  • Office of Online Programs
  • Office of Information Technology
  • University of Tennessee Libraries

Goals of the Summer Institute

  1. We want fellows to network together and utilize peer-to-peer relationships as a foundation for successful course-based experiential learning across our campus.
  2. We want fellows to utilize the relationships they will establish with members of contributing offices and units.
  3. We want fellows to complete the institute with a greater knowledge base in three areas:
    • campus resources supporting experiential learning
    • unique learning spaces and classroom technology
    • the parameters for delivering successful experiential learning at the University of Tennessee

Learning Outcomes for the Faculty Fellows

Creating a deeper knowledge and understanding of the following:

  • how to redesign a course and syllabus to incorporate experiential learning
  • how to create or remodel one major course component to include experiential learning
  • how to incorporate EL student learning outcomes into their courses, with particular emphasis on reflection

Deliverables from the Fellows

By the end of the institute, fellows will have completed the following:

  • determine which EL benchmarks they will use to assess their students’ learning
  • provide an outline of the redesigned element or activity in their course that includes their chosen type of experiential learning
  • give a two- to three-minute (five-minute max) talk about their plans for the course at the end of the institute

Before the implementation of their redesigned course, fellows must provide a copy of their redesigned course syllabus to the director of Experience Learning.

After the completion of their redesigned course, fellows must complete the student assessment process during the semester in which their new course is offered.

Schedule Overview

Week 1: Welcome Week & EL Basics

Session 1
Tuesday, May 23

Leaders: All contributing offices

Location: Hodges Library, 6th Floor, Staff Lounge

Goals of this session:

  • To create a deeper understanding of the field of experiential learning (overall and at UT)
  • To give the fellows a greater understanding of the expectations of the institute
  • To provide a setting for the fellows to meet each other as well as the contributing offices and units

Session 2
Thursday, May 25

Leaders: Experience Learning and the Teaching and Learning Center

Location: Hodges Library, 2nd Floor, Rooms 252 and 253

Goals of this Session:

  • To provide information to fellows about the growing student population for which experiential learning is an effective way to teach
  • To enhance the fellows’ knowledge and understanding of effective assessment as well as Experience Learning assessment processes at UT

Week 2: Advancing Experience Learning

Session 3
Tuesday, May 30

There will be no session due to the Memorial Day holiday.

Session 4
Thursday, June 1

Leaders: Experience Learning and the Office of Service-Learning

Guest Leader: Colleen Gilrane, UT Institutional Review Board

Location: Hodges Library, 6th Floor, Room 605

Goals of this Session:

  • To demonstrate an effective process for fellows to turn their teaching into research and scholarship
  • To provide resources for fellows to become more savvy at effectively managing the inherent risks of coordinating experiential learning within their courses
  • To share with fellows effective best practices related to establishing and maintaining reciprocal partnerships in and outside the classroom

Week 3: Effective Communication & Technology

Session 5
Tuesday, June 6

Leaders: Teaching and Learning Center and the Office of Service-Learning

Location: Hodges Library, 6th Floor, Room 605

Goals of this Session:

  • To lead fellows into a greater understanding of how to communicate effectively with this generation of students
  • To provide strategies for managing issues of civility, diversity, and open dialogue in order to improve teaching and learning in and outside the classroom
  • To give fellows new ways of thinking about active reflection, particularly as a tool for gauging assessment and student learning

Session 6
Thursday, June 8

Leaders: Office of Online Programs, Office of Information Technology, and UT Libraries

Location: Hodges Library, 2nd Floor, Room 253

Goals of this Session:

  • To demonstrate technology and provide support to fellows for using technology as a means for effective communication with their students
  • To guide fellows in using technology as a means to complete academic work and create products that bolster student learning
  • To lead fellows on a walking tour of the unique learning spaces on our campus that can be used to educate our students

Week 4: Implementation Week

Session 7
Tuesday, June 13

Leaders: Experience Learning and other campus offices and units

Potential Guest Leaders:

  • Louise Nuttle, Office of Research and Engagement
  • Student Disability Services
  • Office of Undergraduate Research, Office of Service-Learning, Center for Career Development, Office of Equity and Diversity
  • Other offices and units related to high-impact practices

Locations: Hodges Library, 2nd Floor, Rooms 252, 253, and 258 (Mary Greer Room)

Goals of this Session:

  • To provide information to fellows regarding the construction of equitable learning environments
  • To share information about additional resources from campus offices and units that support faculty development as well as those that lead and coordinate experiential learning opportunities across campus

Session 8
Thursday, June 15

Leaders: Faculty Fellows

Location: Hodges Library, 2nd Floor, Room 258 (Mary Greer Room)

Goals for this Session:

  • To create an opportunity for fellows to celebrate their time participating in the institute
  • To provide a platform for fellows to share their experiences and plans for their courses
  • To recognize our fellows as the inaugural class of EL Faculty Fellows on this campus

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